Until recently, brows were considered to be only an addition to the face. They were the border up to where the eyeshadow could go, and the only way they could be modified was to draw them and make them longer. But, as the fashion, beauty and the trends change, brows became an important part of the makeup process as the whole other face. The makeup industry now produces several makeup products that will beautify your brows. The latest and most famous trend now is the boyfriend brows. The trend comes out of the natural, messy and bushy boy’s brows, but as a tidier version for the girls.

What exactly are “boyfriend brows”?


The beauty trend of the “boyfriend brows” displays the undone textures, style and final look of the brows. It is considered to be a natural, unattended style. If you think they will look messy and untidy, do not worry – you will not look like a caveman. The style of the boyfriend brows is the brushed up inner corner of the brow and gradually feathered center. These brows express relaxed style and they are as contrary as they can be to the perfectly shaped ones.

How to make your brows become “boyfriend brows”?

To achieve the perfect boyfriend brows it is important to give the brows time to grow a bit. The process of the growing might be a little messy for your taste but bear in mind the final result. This style promotes bushy brows, so you will need material to work with. To get the best look, here are few steps you will need to follow and that will help you in the process of boyfriend brows:

  1. Find and use a fine eyebrow pencil because you will need it to create and shape the brow so that it looks masculine. With the pencil, draw a line just under the arch, beginning from the front of the brow, and working all the way to the end.
  2. The second step is to create volume. As the edges are defined, use the same pencil to draw hair strikes. That will give the brow texture. The secret is to draw them with space between them, not to close to each other so that they will be more accented. This looks more natural.
  3. The next step in the process is the definition of the volume. For this, use a microfibre gel. It gives the look just as natural hair and adds to the volume. Brush the brows with this gel in the direction of growth.
  4. The last and finishing step is the setting. It gives the final look and results. For best results, use a brow setting gel. With only brushing the front section of the brow, you will achieve the cool boy’s look.

If you are looking for some celebrity inspiration or ideas, take a look at the brows of Cara Delevigne and Kourtney Kardashian and many others who have already sported the boyfriend brow.