Everyone loves a good meal. Not just a meal that placates our insatiable stomachs, but delicious, mouthwatering, tongue- flattering food. Let’s face it; humans have come a long way since the days of the cavemen. Now we want to quell our hunger and at the same time enjoy every moment of it. While it may be difficult to point out why Americans eat over 80 percent of their outdoor meals in chain restaurants, numbers don’t lie. Chain restaurants are here to stay. Their signature dishes are household names and their services are a lot more interactive than those of the so-called fine-dining restaurants.

Among the hundreds of chain restaurants in the United States, here are the five best chain restaurants in America today based on financial performance, customer satisfaction, popularity and value for money.

Texas Roadhouse


The western themed restaurant is known for its “Full-Off-the-Bone” ribs, hand-cut steaks and unlimited, fresh-baked bread with cinnamon butter. What makes the Roadhouse the best isn’t just its spectacular menu, but also its emphasis on fun and casual living. It has jukeboxes, occasional line-dance performances and a particularly welcoming atmosphere. In fact, it’s so casual that arriving diners are given a bucket of peanut and encouraged to toss the shells on the floor. With over 473 locations in the United States, Texas Roadhouse has already cemented itself as a household name and is worthy of being number one on any list.

Olive Garden


Since its first opening in Orlando, 1982, the Olive Garden has managed to warm its way into the hearts of American citizens with its green /sustainable practices and healthy choices categories. This Italian-American chain is famous for its limitless hot, buttery breadsticks. With its 841 USA based locations, Olive Garden has some of the most affordable priced menu. It’s famous never ending Pasta Bowl continues to fill the bellies of thousands of hungry Americans.  If your stomach keeps rumbling for some Italian cuisine, Olive Garden is the place to go.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store


The first Cracker Barrel was opened by Dan Evins in 1969. Cracker Barrel has brought home-style American cooking and warm country cuisine to its numerous customers. Renowned for its impeccable cleanliness and high kid-friendly ratings, Cracker Barrel has established itself as one of the best chains in the country. The popular Chicken n’ dumplings and country fried steak never seizes to attract a flock of customers every day. With 635 spots across the U.S, you and your kids are sure to find a Cracker Barrel old country store anywhere you turn.

LongHorn Steakhouse


Ranked third on the list, this restaurant has an endearing history. In 1982, an unexpected blizzard stranded a few motorists in Atlanta forcing them to wander into a restaurant named LongHorn Steaks Restaurant and Saloon.  This was the beginning of the LongHorn Steakhouse (renamed in 1996) as word soon began to spread about the steaks served in the restaurant. This venture now boasts of 487 locations across the country. Customers are drawn by the perfectly grilled salmon, flavor-packed chicken, and tender fillets. The Margarita selection also includes pineapple, coconut and watermelon.  Americans all over wouldn’t mind being blown by another blizzard right into the waiting arms of a LongHorn Steakhouse.

The Cheesecake Factory


The Cheesecake Factory is one of the best chain restaurants in the USA. The chain now operates in 188 locations in the country. It has been regularly ranked at the top of nationwide customer satisfaction surveys due to its attentive service, tasty food and value for money. The burgers and grilled seafood are as massive as they come with 36 varieties of cheesecakes also available.

So there you have it. The five best chain restaurants in America – a collection of sumptuous and luxurious delights.