A View from your Kitchen with... Graciela Kilgore

Being in the food industry for several years now, I have met different people, interesting people that have been of significant impact to my food business and other things of life. Truly, things can only get better when you have amazing people as business partners.

Today, I want to take out some time to present to my esteem readers one amazing lady I’ve met in the food industry over the years. This is a lady with interesting antecedents you would love to know. Her name is Graciela Kilgore.

So, let’s meet Graciela Kilgore.

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Who is Graciela Kilgore?

Graciela Kilgore is a mother of four, three biological children and a wife from Los Angeles California, currently residing in San Diego, California. Graciela has grown to be food magician, a super chef, culinary comforter and an amazing mom, yes she is because often she tells you her family is so dear to her. She has a great passion for cooking!

How did it all start for Graciela Kilgore?

As I have known her, she never rode to the current stage of her life and career easily; Graciela was confronted by adversities of life at her youthful age – at 17, Graciela suffered a virus attack and got really sick. According to Graciela “At age 17 I caught a virus and got really sick, my body went numb and I was left completely paralyzed and could only move my head. While I was in the hospital the doctors told me I would never walk again or ever be able to do anything for myself without special tools. Not only was my body, paralyzed, but my hands also. I had no control over anything, all I kept thinking about was never being able to cook or draw again. Those were the two things I loved the most. Every day in that hospital I refused to use a wheelchair or a walker because I already had it in my mind that I was going to walk again and master the kitchen no matter what. After months and years of therapy, I learned to walk again, but never got full use of my hands back. I don’t have a tight grip and can’t open certain things. I also developed other serious illnesses through the years on top of all the severe nerve and through the years on top of all the severe nerve and spine damage that the virus caused. Every day for me became nothing but pain and still, all I could think about was cooking”.

Indeed, Graciela has been a determined person, she never allowed her circumstances to weigh her down; she was quite passionate about cooking even with the pains. Little wonder she is an amazing cook today. Graciela actually came to the limelight of her career after discovering “food network” a television program about food where she became a regular viewer of most of their series and according to her “My television never went off, I slept with it on. Every day I would write recipes, try them out, and try to come up with my own”.

At 24 Graciela remarks that cooking was already so easy for her and she was quite excited about what she was doing. At this stage, cooking was no longer seen as just a passion but a therapy as it helps distract her from pain. “I would get lost in the kitchen, with a glass of wine and my music. In those moments nothing matters, not my pain, nothing… but food”, says Graciela.

Now at 36, Graciela is still committed to cooking, she sees cooking as her life. Though Graciela whole life has been about cooking and she is totally committed to it but she also thought it wise to go back to school to acquire a degree in health administration for more opportunities. Graciela says, “I think me challenging myself is not only a good example for my children but it will also keep me busy, happy, and focused. I’d definitely like to secure a better future for them”.

She is currently working on two cookbooks – one is vegan and the other one is a generally oriented. She said her goal is to put out a few cookbooks and eventually have a restaurant.

Her words for you: “I feel like cooking is that one thing that brings people together from all walks of life because everyone enjoys the food. Food is love and you must have a passion for it to create something special. We, foodies, know when love isn’t involved. I encourage everyone to keep cooking, try new things and never be afraid to experiment or ask for help”.

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Graciela is indeed an amazing person, a great cook, and a mother. I love her cooking a lot and we’ve already concluded plans to do a cooking collaboration soon. You can follow Graciela Kilgore Instagram  @Flavor_eating_foodie