Fashion shows became the main inspiration and guide to what is going to be trendy and fashionable for the upcoming season. It is evident that some of the pieces cannot be applicable to the everyday style, but they serve as a great inspiration for the trend they present. From the fashion weeks, besides the great “return to the past,” some winter trends that were spotted can actually be worn. Yes, in your everyday style! For a change, they looked totally practical and comfortable for the colder months and the winter season. Here are some of the current wearable winter trends, directly from the fashion weeks:

Ski jackets

(Above image SNO Siren Ski Puffer Jacket // TOPSHOP courtesy of

You may not ski, or be going to ski, but this garment made its way all the way from the slopes to the runway. Balenciaga broke down this trend in cool, over-sized jackets. Be bold in your choice – style it with heels and the office and feel superior. It is not necessary to buy a new one. The old one you have will do the work. The more colorful it is, the better.


(Above image Originals Super Star Reversible Jacket // ADIDAS courtesy of

The puffer coats and jackets are more than cool and trendy this winter. Besides their main purpose to keep you warm, their upgraded style comes in all colors and shades, especially in the metallic ones as seen at Vivienne Westwood’s. Whatever puffer you choose over your outfit the final look will be unavoidably fancy. Choose one with an added hoodie for double impact – cozy and stylish. Nothing keeps you warmer than lots of feathers packed in super cool puffer. 


(Above image Originals Logo Leggings // ADIDAS courtesy of

If you thought that leggings were only for the gym, then you are deadly wrong. The world was shocked and happy at the same time when Celine introduced the leggings – the stretchy and comfy pants that can be worn under dresses or skirts. With heels, sneakers or boots, the leggings are the quickest and easiest choice for the informal occasions. It is time to feel cozy again. 

Long sleeves

(Above image Pleated Balloon Sleeve Cardigan // TOPSHOP courtesy of

The long sleeves got a new improved version – the extra-long one. They are extended, alternative change for the gloves, approved by Rihanna - the greatest trendsetter of all the times. These sleeves saw their debut on the runway at Fenty x Puma. Worn under a puffer or coat, be prepared to work on your style so that you do not look funny. 


(Above image Merino Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater // SLINK JEANS courtesy of

Turtlenecks are back this season. After the long pause they had, it is time to bring them back. The options are numerous – under a blazer with pants, or for a more edgy outfit like seen on Tory Burch – under the summer dresses. This piece of clothing will make your summer wardrobe winter appropriate.

This winter is all about feeling warm and cozy. These five budget-friendly trends will make your dressing easy and fashionable at the same time. The runway styles have never been so close and easy to pull off as they are now.