Being a modern businessman can take you high up the corporate ladder. Beside your knowledge and skill, the way you dress and look leaves even greater impression on the meetings you attend. The outfit you present along with your ideas and statements will show your dedication, seriousness and leave a strong business impact on your coworkers and associates. In the past, the suit and the tie were considered enough of business outfit, appropriate both work and business meetings. Today, the fashion is very diverse and offers options for every style and personality and it is not restricted to wearing only a suit. The fashion weeks that presented the autumn/winter 2017 styles for men introduced some new things that can be incorporated in both casual and business looks. Directly coming from the runways, here are the biggest trends that you can add to your business outfit, without fearing whether they are appropriate or not.


(Above image Greenwich Wool Blend Duffle Coat // BURBERRY courtesy of

Dark colors are not the only option to look formal and business appropriate. The camel color was usually limited to only outerwear, but this season, all the other clothing garments in this color are allowed. For your work outfit, try mixing the camel shades – from top to toes. If these colors are too bold for your and for your workplace, tone down the look with one garment in navy.

Military green

(Above image Cotton Shir // HELMUT LANG courtesy of

The lack of greenery in the colder months certainly does not have to influence your outfit. The most attractive choice for this winter is the military green, but you can go with other deep rich green shades. The fabric could be textured that will add to the look. This color goes well on suiting and outerwear and complements all skin tones. If you want to stray away from the regular navy and black, green is a fresh option. 


(Above image Corduroy Shirt Jacket // TOPMAN courtesy of

This winter, corduroy is very popular and trendy fabric. When it comes to tailoring, corduroy is the best option. For a perfect business outfit, get a full cord suit. It should have slim tailoring. The color options should vary from navy to olive green. For the casual Friday option, pair the cord blazer with a relaxed trousers or pants. Long coats go well with the whole suit, and short jackets to the relaxed option.


(Above image Turtleneck To // THEORY courtesy of

The return of the turtleneck was very well used on many runways for the autumn/winter season. The turtleneck is allowed in all colors, patterns and styles. For the ultimate business look, your safe bet is on a black merino turtleneck. Worn under a suit, it will give you a smart and sharp look.


(Above image Artins Print Silk Sport Coat // BOSS courtesy of

Maybe unexpected, silks are huge trend in the men’s fashion. Make no mistake, the pyjama style is been replaced by the more relaxed go-to style. Silks in different patterns and colors are popular choice this winter. For the evening corporate meetings or dinners, go for dark navy or black. You can always take the jacket off and or let the jacket speak for itself.