Every city has reasons behind its fame. New York City, the capital of New York has many reasons behind its popularity. This dream city has many iconic structures like the headquarters of the UN, The Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. But for those who love to shop and dine, it is undoubtedly the iconic departmental store called Bergdorf and Goodman’s that is the most special place in New York. Over the years, this mammoth shopper’s paradise has acquired a place of pride among men and women desirous of some high-end shopping experience. My first visit made me feel like a kids at Disney Land/World... here's why! 


History of Bergdorf and Goodman’s

Bergdorf and Goodman’s is located at 754, 5th Avenue New York near Park Lane Hotel. This departmental store was relocated to Vanderbilt Mansion in 1928. It has been providing a high-quality shopping experience to people since then. But there is an interesting history behind this world-class departmental store. One gentleman by the name of Edwin Goodman, who worked in a tailoring shop owned by a German immigrant called Herman Bergdorf, purchased it from him in the year 1906.  He relocated the establishment to where one finds Rockefeller Center now a day. The business started to boom and the store carved a niche for itself in the world of fashion. The store introduced a ready to wear collection and later a fur salon as well as a perfume brand for ladies. It was in 1928 that Bergdorf and Goodman’s moved to its present location. Since then, this departmental store has been growing and expanding to include more and more services like bridal salons, spas, restaurants, and retail showrooms.

Grand window displays


Bergdorf and Goodman’s is famous for its lavish window displays that can mesmerize any first-timer who comes to this departmental store for some shopping experience. These displays take gigantic form during the holiday season to catch the attention of every passerby. You will find stores of all major fashion brands and designer houses in Bergdorf and Goodman’s. These include Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, and many more. Besides being a high-end shopping destination, Bergdorf and Goodman’s is also a place for socializing as it houses 2 large cafes and some high-quality restaurants.

Lavish shopping spread over 9 floors

Bergdorf and Goodman’s is spread on not one or two but 9 floors. First, 2 floors are devoted to retail shopping with stores of some of the best brands and labels. Next 2 floors are used for dressing rooms providing customers with views of the Central Park. On the 5th floor are mid-priced brands for the ladies who are a bit price conscious. These include Marc by Marc Jacobs, Theory, DKNY, and many more. This floor also has a stunning selection of footwear for men and women.


Bergdorf and Goodman’s attract not only the rich and the fashion conscious but also celebrities who try to avoid the media and their fans by hiding behind large black glasses. These celebrities and ladies belonging to the upper class are often seen going to John Barrot Salon that is situated on the 9th floor of this departmental store.