The disco era is making a big comeback since we first saw it during the summer. It was the nostalgia that obviously made the designers to look back to the past, and that past fell on the ‘70s. Those were the times were people used to dress up, enjoy the disco music, experiment with the hair and makeup and just live in the moment. The second the runways on the fashion weeks presented shiny and metallic garments the fashion crowd went crazy. From that moment on, shinier and brighter was more than approved. In fact, the more eye-catching the outfit was, the trendier you looked. So now, as we approach the holiday season and New Years Eve, this trend is stronger than ever. If you are thinking on what the appropriate outfit is for your corporate holiday meeting, afterwork drinks, even winter wedding, go for the shiniest outfit you have got. Don’t be afraid, all the fashion weeks and designers are just right behind you.


(Above image Crushing Embellished Boot // STEVE MADDEN courtesy of

When Saint Laurent, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and lots of other brands decided to relive the ‘70s vibe, they absolutely hit the jackpot. With their shiny and sparkly designs they alluded to the time of dressing-up and drama. The good old disco era was back and here to stay, too! Cover yourself in sparkles, from head to toe. The shoe game also went strong for sparkles, as the cowboy boots covered in sparkles were the biggest novelty. Loewe, Marco de Vincenzo and Chanel presented something that we could not have seen even in our dreams, but we longed for – the perfect sparkling boots, heeled, with the options as ankle boots or just below the knee. Totally fabulous!


(Above image Asymmetrical Drape Glitter Dress // TOPSHOP courtesy of

If sparkles, for some reason, were not enough, the glitters came to spice up the fashion. As seen on Gucci Fall 2017 runway, glitters were all over the glasses, tights, hoods, jewelry. If you ever wanted to be a disco ball, now is the chance. Dior went ever further – prepared for the Oscar’s red carpet with the colorful string of glittery outfits, ready to be worn by famous celebrity. Glitters were also infused and influenced the makeup industry. The glitter in all colors is trending now - lips, nails, eyes.


(Above image Scout Patch Sequin Biker Jacket // MIRA MIKATI courtesy of

This season you cannot sparkle enough. Sequins made their way to the runway. They were seen on trousers, tunics, dresses – fully incorporated or just partially. If you are in doubt if they are proper to the occasion, the answer is yes. Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung, Zimmerman and few other famous names were bold in embracing this trend. What comes as even greater surprise is that sequins are going to replace the florals for the upcoming spring 2018 season, so if you do stock up on them, they will be worth the money.

Dare to be the one that will break the grounds and show how to shine just like a Christmas tree. It is totally fashion approved!