Would you spend a Friday evening searching 3 hours for the perfect shoe for a certain occasion?

So, a few weeks ago they saw a Jimmy Choo shoe, really nice construction, color, different from what I see others wear, almost unique like a piece of art. But hesitated and thought, "I will come back tomorrow," usually they are still there.  But tomorrow ended up being a week and when they returned, the shoes were gone. 

While hopefully looking for the shoes to still be there, they come across this amazing loafer and it was their size thinking, I need something to wear to a wedding coming up. The only issue with the amazing loafer is that there is only one and it was not in a box, but it cannot be far this is the size 13 section.


After 1.5 hours, and asking 2 department store employee to assist with the search, they were in the women's and kids section looking for the other shoe like the Prince looking for Cinderella! 2.5 hours in, and the store closing in 30 minutes, he was ready to give up. Thinking I should have gotten the ones a week ago and I would not look crazy for spending Friday Night looking for a matching shoe for a wedding I may not attend. But the shoes were 75% off ... and Jimmy Choo's too!

10 minutes before the store closes, after leaving his contact information with the store associate, he gave up, talking to himself, of how dumb this is, not getting the shoes a week ago, wasting your evening looking for a shoe you don't need, for a wedding you might not attend, only because thoughts about the wedding came about was because of the shoes, thinking the person has never come to just visit you to see how you are, you only live about 2 hours apart, but you’re the only one making the effort visiting and making things happen, the worst thing, it's your cousin ... STOP, Back to the missing shoe!

So walking down the size 10 section to head home, with his head down in defeat, his 3rd eye still looking for the shoe spots a red box with a shoe, heel facing up like, "HERE I AM!" and it's the missing shoe.

So, after buying the shoe he thinks, is this really the perfect shoe for a certain occasion, like the wedding he's going to attend?


Yes, there is always an occasion when shoes are required in everyday life, why not have good ones!



TaGT ... in Fashion