Adidas is one of the two leading sportswear brands around the world, the other being Nike. It is a German company having its headquarters in Herzogenaurach. Adidas is a name that has become symbolic of high quality and success, always roping in big celebrities to endorse its products like Run-D.M.C. in the late 80's, and now Names like Stella McCartney, Pharrell Williams and Raf Simons to name a few big names collaborating with Adidas. These products include not just sneakers but also jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, and even equipment for various sports like cricket, golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, gymnastics, and athletics. The company also produces perfumes, eyewear, bags, caps, and many other accessories. Y3 is a brand under Adidas that is being introduced by the company for a completely new range of products and accessories. This new range of products and accessories is the inspiration for the shoes this one mogul said allowed Adidas to "Jump over Jump Man!"


The Y in Y3 comes from the name of the world-famous fashion designer, no, it's not Yeezy (KANYE WEST,) it's Yohji Yamamoto, who is known for his outstanding designs and innovations in the world of fashion. Born in Tokyo in 1943, Yohji is an enigmatic personality. He graduated in law in 1966 but pursued with fashion designing when he took admission in Bunkafukuso Gakuin Design School. He began his career as an independent fashion designer after graduating in this field in 1969. Since then, this brilliant designer has not looked back, creating one after the other masterpieces in the world of fashion and design.

Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto

The first Y from Yohji saw the light of the day in 1972 in the shape of a collection for the ladies. It took Yohji another 5 years to come up with his 2nd Y. This time it was menswear collection that was introduced in 1979. By this time, Yohji had established himself as a leading fashion designer and he was conducting his own fashion shows in Tokyo.

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Yohji burst on the world stage with his women’s collection called Yohji Yamamto in 1981. He showed his collection during Paris Fashion week and later at New York Fashion Week in the year 1982. The Men’s collection, aptly named Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme was introduced to the world in 1984 during Paris Fashion Week.

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It was in October 2002 that Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto came together. It was a collaboration that was to revolutionize the world of sportswear forever. This collaboration resulted in the birth of a new sportswear collection that was named Y3. While Y in Y3 comes from Yohji, 3 represents the signature stripes for which Adidas has become famous the world over. There is even a hyphen between Y and 3 which is a testimony to the bonding between the premium sportswear brand and the leading fashion designer in the world, Yohji Yamamoto.

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In a nutshell, Y-3 is a fusion of the manufacturing skills of Adidas and the creativity and designing skills of Yamamoto. This fusion in the world of sportswear is all set to change the way men and women look at and use sportswear. Y-3 is a collection that combines fashion elegance with sports functionality. With perfect craftsmanship from Adidas and the imaginative designs of Yohji Yamamoto, sportsmen and sportswomen around the world can now enjoy beautiful and highly functional products in the category of sportswear. If you are a fashion conscious sportsman who is a cut above the ordinary, timeless fashion is here in the form of Y-3.